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Commisioned by Klépierre, ID310 developed a special opening show inspired by the new marketing strategy ‘Let’s Play’. Upon arrival in the beautiful Styleroom, attention was drawn to mysterious figures standing still around the room. Standing on colourful stages were tailor’s dummies, which were waiting for spectators to arrive. A Wheel of Fun was also placed right in front of the stages. By spinning the Wheel of Fun, spectators were able to activate the iconic dummies. Soon as the wheel landed on a particular colour, the dummy standing on the stage in that colour came to life! The audience got entertained by incredible dance acts, acrobatics, music, and magical performances, including a dummy dressed as Marilyn Monroe, who melted the audience’s hearts with the iconic ‘I Wanna be Loved by You’, and a mime, who blew the audience’s socks off with a spectacular popping and locking performance to ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran. The interactive show was a wonderful experience, and drew in over hundreds of participants.

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